Qui sommes-nous

C’est qui nous sommes

Rik Verweij

General Manager VAL-CO BV

Sales manager Benelux, Germany,
Austria and Russia

Rik was born and raised in Lopik, close to our office in The Netherlands, and lived there until he moved to Deventer to attend Agricultural College. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in International Dairy and Poultry farming and his first professional position was Herd Manager on a dairy farm in Saudi Arabia. Following he worked for more than 15 years in Russia where as Poultry Production Director at several leading broiler integrators, where he gained ample experience with VAL drinking systems installed on their farms. Afterwards, he was active in selling farm equipment, as a reseller for Val-Co and others, as well as animal genetics and running his own hatching egg export business.

Rik holds the position of General Manager at Val-Co BV, responsible for daily operations, and is Sales Manager for Benelux, Germany, Austria and Russia.

Outside of work, Rik gives high importance taking care of his household and family, including his parents who live with them. He spents a lot of time doing chores  and gardening in and around his old traditional Dutch farmhouse. His major hobby is hunting and the outdoors and he spends as much time as possible hunting and keeping up his hunting territory.

Galina Sadovska

Regional Sales Manager Europe

Galina was born and raised in Cherkasy, Ukraine. In her hometown, Galina joined Broiler Breeder Company Poznan with Cobb genetics. She says, “if I only knew that Gallinas (chickens) would be my Industry for at least next 20 years.” Recruited to help with a Russian-Kazahk-French project Galina relocated to Moscow and upon completion of this broiler-breeder project she was asked by the Dutch company HatchTech to open it’s new Moscow office. During her time with HatchTech Galina was invited to relocate to the Netherlands and work directly out of the corporate HQ, where she finished up a nine-year tenure with HatchTech. Learning a lot and experiencing the life in Western Europe, Galina felt it was time to move forward. After a brief stint with Volito and still living in the Netherlands, Galina joined Val-Co as the Area Sales manager for Eastern Europe. In 2017 she was promoted to the Regional Sales Manager for Europe.

When not traveling for work, she loves traveling, taking pictures, gardening, interior design, and cooking.

Craig Hoekstra

International Operations

and Sourcing Manager


Phil Risser

President & CEO

Phil was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on the same dairy farm he lives on today. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agricultural Engineering from Penn State University and University of Wisconsin – Madison respectively. While working for International Harvester, he received his first of many patents. Phil has led multiple engineering teams, including the VAL-CO Engineering Department since 2009. In 2013, he took on the role of President & CEO, but continues to lead the engineering team. In addition to his responsibilities in the office, he has stayed true to his farmer roots, and still runs a 100 acre farm. Phil is dedicated to growing VAL-CO by supporting and serving his team members. His development mindset has led to innovative products, a reputation for quality, and marked growth both domestically and across international markets. Phil believes that hard work works and is relentless in overcoming challenges. He acts with integrity, respect, and tolerance in all of his business dealings, and encourages creativity and teamwork to support innovative improvements. Phil enjoys working way too much, farming and field work, backpacking in the Rockies, and spending time at his cabin.

Adrian Hunting

VP Sales, International

Adrian was born and raised as a true citizen of the globe. Originally from Wales, he’s lived in various parts of the United Kingdom, spent several years in Nigeria, and moved back to England where he completed his secondary education. After working some time in the oil industry, Shell UK granted him a scholarship to study geology, which he studied at London University. After the oil prices crashed, Adrian moved to Scotland to work odd jobs, finally finding steady work with Booker McConnell where he established, constructed and managed operational salmon farms. He left the UK for New Zealand in 1987, taking his expertise in fisheries with him. Eventually he switched to poultry, running a breeding program for Tegel Foods. He moved to Fiji to set up a breeding program, which became his first encounter with VAL-CO, when he purchased equipment for a new breeder farm. He became an independent VAL-CO agent covering Asia and achieved phenomenal growth in that area. He eventually relocated to Holland, Netherlands, and is currently the VP of International Sales. Once a competitive rugby player, he has since resigned to armchair critic. He also has a love for sailing, hiking, gardening and woodworking. He has relocated back to New Zealand to be with his wife, Carol, their children, and new granddaughter when he is not traveling.

Soufiane Talmoust

Sales Manager Africa

Soufiane grew up in Kenitra, Morocco. He and his family have been in the poultry industry for many years – both his father and grandfather are poultry farmers. He came to the United States to study agricultural engineering at Iowa State University, with a focus on animal production systems. While at university, he learned about Val-Co products while working with Ventra Pro Controllers. Now, he works as the African Sales Manager where he is responsible for assisting dealers and distributors to be successful in their markets. In his spare time, Soufiane enjoys spending time with his family, and playing with his son.